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If you are looking for high quality and personal piano lessons, you are at the right place. At All Age Piano Lessons in Mount Prospect, IL.  I will give you the attention and personal service you expect and enjoy from a professional piano lesson instructor.  I offer the best in personal piano instruction. All Age Piano Lessons has been in business since 2002.  I offer an-all inclusive lesson with attention to note and chord reading, technique, ear training, piano theory and performance skills.

With over 25 years of professional piano teaching experience, I know the importance of teaching music students correct methods and technique from the very first piano lesson.  Give me a call and let's get your musician started!  (Adults and Seniors - don't hesitate - it is such a fun learning experience!)
Helpful Hints:
Mount Prospect Piano Instructor Sally Haas
Did you know that the piano is the most amazing instrument in terms of skill and brain function?  Two hands play together and navigate 88 keys.  Each finger must learn the control to hit any key while the brain maintains an internal map of where the hands are at each moment.  The right and left brain must work at the same time.  More than any other instrument, the piano gives an individual's mental function a a good and thorough workout. 

Neuroscientists have discovered that playing the piano improves the connectivity of various brain regions. Playing the piano increases brain volume and strengthens communication within the brain. Interpretation of sensory information is raised as are motor skills and awareness.  

Playing the Piano - Lifelong Benefits .
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